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Our visit in some scary caves

On thusday 4th september vi sailed from Porto to the next place - The Berlenga islands.

We had a very nice trip with some visitors around our boat.

Berlenga Islands is a beautiful and special place. There are three islands, all er nature reserves and it`s possible to visit and explore the largest one. This is called

Berlenga Grande.

The islands er located 7 miles from the Peniche Port. It is a region of great interest for botanical specialists with several endemic species and species of limited distribution. A nesting spot for some species of ocean birds and a passing point for several migratory species.

On the Berlenga Grande there are three most famous attractions (when you are not sooo intereset in birds). The Sao Baptista Fort from the 16th century, lighthouse farol Duque de Braganca from the 18th century and all the (scary :) caves.

We came there in the afternoon after a good sail from Porto. We started with some fog and was very glad when it cleared up and we got some visitors in front of the boat :). When we arrived we had some atlantic swells and much wind, but we was lucky and got a mooring from a sailig vessel from Holland.

The Queen on mooring

The next day we started with some school lessons because of fog.... again. Not so funny to snorkel in such a weather. So after lunch it cleard up, and we started our cave adventure. First we did snorkeling in the icecold, but blue water. The kids just freaked out. Crystal clear water and so many fishes.... very nice. Than we startet our exciting dingi tour through some caves. It was amazing because we could drive through many of them by our boat and it was dark and cold and soooo scary. Amazing. Unforgetable tour.

In the afternoon we got on the island by "happy" feet. Very important to go with "happy" feet because you go directly up when you get of the boat. Very strange landscape. But luckily only 120 meters above sea level :). Enough for some people who only have sailed for å while (lite fjellvandring her akkurat nå :)) So Lukas have actually been an really good actor. Everytime we go on some tours he get pain in his feet or in his back or some other places on his body. And it`s sooo painfull that he can`t go longer anymore, of course... :):):)

We went to the lighthouse, nice but it was not open for public. The way to the fort was a bit spectacular . First we went down lots of stairs and crossed over some narrow arched bridges into the fort. The fort was constructed in the 17th century and is one of the most visually strikling buildings in Portugal. The most important battle was in 1666 when 16 spanish warships with 2000 soldiers tried to attack and take the islands. The islands was defended by only 20 Portuguese soldiers. When the Portuguese was finished with the ammunition, they lost only one solider. But this attack cost the lives of 500 Spanish sailors.

Today the historic fort has been transformed into a hostel.

One other spectacular attractions (i think) was the campground on the island.

Very cool located.....

Did you enjoyed the trip to the Berlenga`s? I hope you will follow us next time on our video when we go to the nice town Cascais and impressive Sintra.

See you...

11.sept. 2018, SailingQueen

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