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After we landed in wrong village, we sailed to Ria de Ponteverda (fjord) the next day and anchored in a beautiful lagoon. In the night, it blew up and we had wind up to 30 knots. Our first test. It worked. Luckily, no problem for our super anchor. The biggest problem was the anchor alarm on the phone. It alarmed us the hole night, but nothing happens. So if you really want to sleep bad and feel unsafe, use a Anchor alarm app.

The day after it was still very windy so we left the nice lagoon. We sailed to the next Ria. (totally three of them in the region of Galicia). The small village we choosed was called Camborra. We anchored up as well (bad night with anchor alarm again). But it is much more comfortable and quiet instead of laying in the marina. The children also love it, but mainly for one reason. They can play in the water all day long.

In the evening,we went to the nice little village Camborra. We felt liked we walked in the footsteps from Asterix and Obelix.

It is 2 nationalpark in the Rias. One is the Illa de Ons and the other one is Illa de Cies. We choosed Illa de Cies. One of the most famous places in this area. We actually needed a special permision to go there. Which have to be made in advance. The beaches is very nice (but you have to love iscold water:), mountains and forrests with big Eukalyptus trees.

Our first tour was to the lighthouse on the Westside of the island.

The next day startet with some school lessons. Eivind and Lukas had a fishing lesson. And we got our first fish lunch. Finally. It was not one of the most exotic ones, makrell, we actually felt like in Norway:) But it was so exciting for the kids that it didn`t matter what kind of fish it was.

In the afternoon we went on a expedition at the other side of the island, through a nice forrest with eukalyptus trees. We had a nature lesson for the kids, where they learned about this trees. How they grow and why there is almost nothing else in the forrests where they grows. They use to plant this trees in sump areas where they have challenge with Malaria Because they suck up all the water in the ground. We was impressed over this big, nice trees. Tasting and smells eukalyptus as well. Funny to teach the kids in so many different ways. We found also a stone monument which looked like two animals fihting against each other.

The day after we experienced some other norwegian phenomenon...

FOG ... maybe we was in Vestlandet in Norway?

We decided to sail too the next city on our list. Baiona. A city which is famous for it`s maritime history. Here we began our lessons about many famous discovers. One of them Christopher Columbus. Baiona was the first Spanish city which got to know about the discovery of America. One of his boats (in total 3), came back to Baiona in 1493. It was the boat Pinta which sailed to this little town after the big adventure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinta_(ship)

The harbour of Baiona. Very nice city

We went to the Monttereal castle, an impressive building which was started to build in 1200 century. We walked around the whole castle and tolled some good stories about Spanich History. The kids loved it :)

We spent two days in Baiona and started our Portugal adventure friday 31 st august in Porto. Here we had to stay in a hotel, but why? Follow our adventure and you will know what happend to us....

See you, and thanks for your interest in our journey.

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