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Beautiful - the west coast of Spain

Now the time has come. We have got famous and many people will follow us (ha, ha). That`s the reason why we try it in english now. It will not be the most perfektly english, but i think all you guys will understnad us:). We hope so... So let`s try.

After some beautiful days in La Coruna we got a weather window for crossing the Cap Fiesterra. The weather forekast showed only 32 knots of wind. That`s what they in

La Coruna called: a weather window.

After 10 hours with sailing in a raff sea with waves up to three and a half meters, we finally anchored up in the beatiful San Fransisco Bay. This was for a reason, of course. Another norwegian family who we met in La Coruna, needed some help with their anchor. They have had plans to left the bay in the morning but the anchor had other plans. They needed help from a boat with a diver, his equipment and a compressor. Yeah that was him, Eivind our captain,

Eivind tried the new compressor for the first time. Not a easy-going job but after some hours was our diving captain ready to attack the anchor. Really.

And he got it loose. Yeah, what a man.... :)

The beautiful San Fransisco Bay

The day after we started our school day ( yes, we actually have also began with school) with a gym lesson up to the very high mountains around us. Actually 240 m high. For a big mountain :) But it was a funny and cosy tour. Lukas didn`t liked all the stikky bushes on the way. He falled into them sometimes and hurt himself. But luckily he`s a fighter... very satissfied with the big pinecone he found.

On the top, we met some spanish guys who have their vacation here since 23 years. Very funny to talk with them. We got a recommandation for a restaurant where you get the best octopus in Spain. That sounds good. We finished the school day and set sail to Puerto del Son to eat the best octopus in Spain.

Thank you guys for a very good tip.

We crossed the Ria de Muros and came to the harbour in Puerto del Son. (we thought). We checked inn and got a bottle of wine as a welcome gift. One of the most friendly marinas we have been until now. We dressed up for a evening dinner and tried to find the recommanded restaurant. After an hour with searching we figured out that we we was in a wrong village. We were actually in Portosin not in Puerto del Son.

Shit happens...

Follow us the next time when we anchored up in 25 knots wind, let`s see if that will work ....

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