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And here is the answer....

This happened to us in Porto...

Do you understand? We neither....

But it happened. The man on the gastation at the Marina in Porto filled up one tank with diesel and the other one with gasoline. Who failed?..... we don`t know. He thought this was for the motor to the dingi.... But that a catamaran acutallly have 2 tanks, this was not on his mind.... luckily, we asked for the price before we startet the engine and we understood what had happened. 200 liters with benzin in a diesel tank... not good.

But not a disaster yet.

That night we stayed on the gasstation-panton. Very cozy :). Some guys should come the next morning and pump out the gasoline again.

Maybe a bit typical to south europe, happened this first in the evening. We was in Porto when we got the call ... on our way right after, but we came too late.....

now we got THE DISASTER....!!!!!! When they opened the tank, the gas came out.....

and we got probably 40/50 liters liquid gas under the floor and beds on the barbor side of our brand new boat. It was a terrible smell of gas in the whole boat and just a little spark the whole boat would stand in fire. That was so terrible. The marina office told us to wait until monday. The guys had left for the weekend. But than the german boss from the Queen boat came up to the office, and told them in a german way, that it will not happen that we are going to wait until monday. The people in the office started to tremble. 7 min later the manager from the Marina came and helped the boss from Queen to pakk the stuff for the whole family in bags for a weekend in a nice hotel at his cost ...

The kids was sooooo happy. Hotel, with a pool and good hotel-breakfast... a little bit holiday in a tiring everyday :):).

On Saturday Eivind worked hard on the boat the whole day and we relaxed on the poolarea. Nice. Than came the call, the boat is almost fine again. They had pumped up all the gas from the tank and floor and filled again with diesel. The engine get started again. Some very good news. It smelled still a bit gas, so we decided to stay one more night at the hotel.

On sunday we moved back and relaxed after some buisy days.

We stayed one day longer, Porto is a very nice town. You will got some impressions later.

It`s a town full of history and lots of museums. One of this is especially nice for the kids. Here you go on a discover adventure, lots of interessant informations and you travel through the history in a boat. This was really impressive.

And here some impressions of Porto

You have never been in Porto? Than you have to plan to go there. What a beautiful city with so much different people and different ways to live.

We say thank`s to a very helpsom, friendly and nice Marina.

Next time we go more to the south, the Berlinga islands.... Follow us when we go to some scary caves :)..

You heavnt got to much of us?.. than take a look at our "videos" on our side. We posted our new video on friday...Thanks for following us.

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