Lukas Johannes, called Lukas, is our youngest one. He is 6 years old now.

He startet with homeschool in august last year. He likes it sometimes better than other times.

One of the most important things for him on this trip are: Coconuts.

A nice line from the Moana film in Norway has been his motto: "Coconut trær, da har vi alt vi trenger her".  Means when you have coconuts, you have all you need:)

He asked me one day:»What shell we do when we are at home again, without Coconuts?»

What a lovely question..

He´s been a really good swimmer and his English increased from nothing to amazing. 

He likes to get known to new people and explore new places. At the same time it´s really safe for him to have his family so close around all the time.

He wondered one day, why we have to go home again? All family and friends can just come and visit us instead…

So he has a great time, for sure.